Everything you always wanted to know about Titanium Credit Cards in 2005, and more...

"Titanium was first isolated in impure form in 1887 and with higher purity in 1910. however, it was not until the 1950's that it began to come into use as a structural material..." Who cares?

We are talking about the Titanium Credit Cards here. The elegant, gray or silver colored, shiny credit cards, with special benefits, other type of credit cards can't offer. Why are they so popular?
Because they offer a sophisticated look, they project nice financial background and finaly, because they can help you to save money, if you are approved for it.
Most of the Titanium Credit Cards offer better Annual Percentage Rates, than the "Classic" or even some "Platinum" Credit Cards.

They are usually marketed for clients, with (might be) short, but clean credit background. If you are approved for a Titanium Credit Card, it means your credit score is stabile, or old enough for the issuer. That means you can start enjoying the benefits.

They might offer as low as 0.00 % - 12.00 % Annual Percentage Rates and Titanium Credit Cards almost always have some special offer to manage your previous, higher APR balance to transfer them to your new Titanium Credit Card.

The new Titanium Credit Card might offer also NO Annual Service Fee at all, helping you to save more money again. Grace Period might be longer, than what the usual "Classic" cards can offer.

So, take a look, and compare them. Make sure you understand the Small Prints, or Terms And Contitions of your new Titanium Credit Card Percentage Rates, the minimum Finance Charges, the service fees, etc. And finally, if you feel that you may save some money with a new Titanium Credit Card, apply for it! All these cards can give you an Instant Desission under 30 seconds, so you will know the answer in under a minute. Try it!



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